Life of a Reading Boy

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Do you have about 1,000 books? Well, I do. It’s because I love to read. I love all sorts of books like Spy School, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, New Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and more! Now let me tell you more about my reading life.

My favorite author is Stuart Gibbs because he makes lots of good books and they’re so different from one another. My favorite of his series is Spy School. He has books for any type of reader. He makes graphic novels, historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure, and more. He even has a book about Batman’s childhood.

My favorite spot to read is on the top of my bunk bed laying against my 5 foot tall teddy bear. It is super comfortable and I’ve read multiple hours at a time there. I have even fallen asleep up there. I have a very hard time reading in a loud uncomfortable environment and can barely read 5 minutes in those types of places. 

Is there a reason you read? Do you read for fun, information, school, or some other reason? I read because I think it’s fun and if I’m stressed it makes me feel like I’m in a cool different world and takes my mind off of being stressed. I also like finding out cool facts in different books I read.

How do you find the next book you’re going to read? I find my next book by reading most of the author’s books and reading books recommended by friends and family. I read by author because if that author has a book I like, I think that some of his or her other books will also be good.

Why to Read Sign of the Sandman Séance


Sign of the Sandman Seance is a great book for Halloween! The author is named Tom Turner and it’s a short story that follows up Sign of the Sandman. I love the book because it’s a book that is interesting, fun, mysterious, and happens on Halloween! I think this book is a window book for me. A window book is a book that has very few similarities to yourself. I think it’s a window book because the book happens in New York with a kid named Charlie who is made fun of. His friend, Plug, is also made fun of and is my favorite character. One similarity I have with him is that we both are about to turn 12 and we are both creative. Charlie also found out he has a very cool power that you’ll find out in the book. I think I read more window books because I like reading about all sorts of different things and different types of people.

Why You Should Read Spy School


Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Well Spy School is the book for you. It’s a book about a kid named Benjamin Ripley who gets accepted into a top secret school where kids train to be spies for the CIA. When he gets there he is not expecting to try to be assassinated in the middle of the night, then captured. He wonders why he got accepted in the first place and when he figures it out, it’s the biggest shock of them all! Read Spy School to find out what happens!

I personally think the book is great for people who want to read a book that is not too long, but not too short, that is a chapter book. It is mostly for people about 9 to 14 but anyone will enjoy it. It is a high adventure mystery book that has great cliffhangers. Since I persuaded you to read this book, don’t keep reading my blog and go start reading Spy School!

Backpacking Trip


On Friday, September 1st, 2023 I went backpacking. It was with the oldest boys in our scout troop, around 16 to 17 years old. It was so fun because I had never been backpacking before and I got to go with my older brother and his friends who went because they were trying to get Eagle Scout. 

We backpacked about 1.25 miles into our campsite in Eno River State Park. It was so funny because some of the older scouts made a mega tent by combining two tents into one and sleeping in it. Also Grant, one of the older scouts, brought steaks to cook over the fire even though everyone else brought bag meals which freeze dried meals like rice and chicken that you pour hot water in and then they become hot meals (mine was really good.) Thomas kept putting the fire out without even trying, and when they were finally done after an hour the steaks were super salty. 

That night we had a campfire where I was the head, we had s’mores, told jokes, did skits, told stories, ate even more s’mores, and Thomas kept eating the salty steak. We went to bed, the older boys slept in the mega tent and I got to sleep alone.

We ate more bag meals for breakfast. We packed up and somehow Thomas took the longest to pack up by like half an hour even though he was the only person in a hammock. By the time he finished we had probably aged 3 years. We took a different route hiking back which was about 2.75 miles. It was really hard. 

When we got back to the cars we all went to Only Burger for lunch which was amazing! Finally the best part was getting home and falling asleep on the couch.